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Ratburger and Grandpa’s Great Escape on TV this Christmas

As if Christmas wasn’t exciting enough already, it’s just got a whole lot better! Not one but TWO of David Walliams’ books have been turned into TV programmes. You’ll be able to watch them this December. And even better still – David is starring in both!

You’ll remember Ratburger – the story of Zoe and her pet rat. David will be turning himself into the evil Burt from Burt’s Burgers, who wants to turn Zoe’s rat into ‘delicious’ rat burgers and eat them. We’ve seen clips from the screening and the transformation is incredible!

After you’ve watched that, you might not want to eat a burger for a while. Thankfully there are none in Grandpa’s Great Escape, which you’ll also want to tell your parents you’re ‘definitely-without-fail’ watching this Christmas.

In this one, David plays the role of Jack’s Dad, a role that may or may not involve slipper wearing. You’re in for a treat as Grandpa and his grandson Jack plan a daring escape from his care home Twilight Towers.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s more. RAJ IS BACK!

To watch Ratburger you’ll need to tune into Sky 1. For Grandpa’s Great Escape, channel surf your way to BBC One.

Grab the cushions, make yourself some popcorn and get comfortable on the sofa because this is going to be nothing short of BRILLIANT!

Grandpa's Great Escape

Grandpa's Great Escape

A portrait of the bond between a boy and his Grandpa. With Spitfires over London and Great Escapes through the city, this is an adventure full of comedy and heart.



The screamingly funny novel about a little girl called Zoe and the evil Burt the burger man who is after her pet rat!