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We set a competition to find the 11th World's Worst Child and here are your entries!

Here you'll find all sorts of gruesome girls and beastly boys from all over the world, up to all types of mischief. Can you find yours?

Keep your eyes peeled for when we announce the winner - we can't wait to see which of your disgusting descriptions will be illustrated by Tony Ross!

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He is called Michel and he has blonde hair and black eyes. He has an irritating squeaky voice and a special baby lisp to trick people into patting him so that he can bite their hand…


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Some children like to chew various parts of their body. Nails, skin and even knuckles are put in lots of children’s mouths…

Hetty Hairball

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One day there was a boy named Greg. People called him GROSS GREG because he does stuff that is really gross like picking his nose and eating it…

Gross Greg

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Tree Trixy was a horrid kid. She was known for her obsession with trees. Trixy was always dressed in a tree costume and whenever we went on a excursion in the nature reserve or in the bush, someone would hit or throw something at a tree…

Tree Trixy

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Dobbing Dub dobs even when there is nothing to dob about. Dub has yellow eyes that are weird. He is fat, so it is hard to put his clothes on! Dub has a weird afro…

Dobbing Dub

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Gassy Grace has brown hair and her eyes are green like toxic gas. She has a purple shirt with dark green pants and green earrings…

Gassy Grace

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Sara wears a dress that has bubble gum on it all the time. She always picks her nose and her snot runs down her nose…

Disgusting Sara

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Have you ever had pimples? Well, unfortunately in this book there’s a girl with pimples everywhere! She has black glasses, a disgusting smile, a purple vest, brown hair and a baby sister, Chloe…

Pimple Polly

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Burping Blue was a kid who would not stop burping. He just loved the sound so he never stopped. He looked like a boy with shaggy black hair and ragged brown clothes…

Burping Blue

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Do you know a girl that is such a show off she wore a ballgown and a crown to school? I do! She is in my class but I wish she wasn't! Her name is “Show Off Shannon” and believe me her name is perfect for her! Have I told you about what she looks like? Well I better get started…

Show Off Shannon

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Here’s Fat Frank. He is as fat as a house! For breakfast, lunch and tea, he only eats Pizza because he will not eat anything else at all…

Fat Frank

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There was a little boy and his name was Chase. He loved cheese and for breakfast, lunch and dinner he had one thing - cheese…

Cheesy Chase

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