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We set a competition to find the 11th World's Worst Child and here are your entries!

Here you'll find all sorts of gruesome girls and beastly boys from all over the world, up to all types of mischief. Can you find yours?

Keep your eyes peeled for when we announce the winner - we can't wait to see which of your disgusting descriptions will be illustrated by Tony Ross!

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He is called Michel and he has blonde hair and black eyes. He has an irritating squeaky voice and a special baby lisp to trick people into patting him so that he can bite their hand…


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Some children like to chew various parts of their body. Nails, skin and even knuckles are put in lots of children’s mouths…

Hetty Hairball

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Dear Mr. Wally, I am Pimply Poppy. I am 13 years old like, and people call me a gross girl but I can't think why! :(…

Pimply Poppy

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Robber Ruby Dear Mr Walliams, My name is Ruby but my next-door neighbours call me Robber Ruby behind my back! My favourite hobby is creeping into other peoples gardens and pinching things from the washing line…

Robber Ruby

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11th worst child is:........ Silly Sally! Silly Sally is a short stocky girl, with thick glasses and wears a grey skirt and a grey shirt and grey socks…

Silly Sally

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He is called Weepy Wong . He has a scar on his face and he likes to trouble his class teacher, he also likes to cry to get everything…

Weepy Wong

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My child is called Smelly Kelly. She only eats junk food and never washes. She has brown hair, Brown eyes, White skin And yellow teeth…

Smelly Kelly

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Once there lived a girl called Boring Bora who lived in the quiet and boring town of Boston, Lincolnshire…

Boring Bora

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Laura is a 13 year old girl who loves to play pranks on stressed parents.She has brown hair which is dip died blonde…


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Emily was reading a new book called Demon dentist in the library,when suddenly she heard the most awful noise she had ever heard…

Whinging William

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Attitude Angela, may look like an angel but she is a devil in disguise. With her long blonde hair that hangs like silk and her big blue expressive eyes, you can would never think that she was the little monster that she is…

Attitude Angela

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Chilli Manilli loved chilli! Her real name was Zara but the kids nicknamed her Chilli Manilli because she absolutely loved to eat red, hot chillies! No chilli was too hot for her…

Chilli Manilli

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