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We set a competition to find the 11th World's Worst Child and here are your entries!

Here you'll find all sorts of gruesome girls and beastly boys from all over the world, up to all types of mischief. Can you find yours?

Keep your eyes peeled for when we announce the winner - we can't wait to see which of your disgusting descriptions will be illustrated by Tony Ross!

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Simon spy he has huge ears for over hearing secrets! loud screechy voice for yelling out things hes found out, he loves spying on people

Simon Spy

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My idea is a 12 year old girl named Linda Whinger. She loves to whinge all the time. It is nearly a super power for her…

Linda Whinger

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This Child has been so angry at her parents that she turns bright red, she is called Annabelle and she has golden blond hair, bright blue eyes average height…


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burping bruce the how never stopped burping he burped he there and everywhere

Burping Bruce

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Fussy Fredrick Was the fussiest child in the world! Since the day he could chew, he only ever ate Potatoes and chicken…

Fussy Frederick

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His name is Garry Gamer, and he games all day and all night and even in class! so one day when he was gaming,he went to the bathroom to clean his screen…

Garry Gamer

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My 11th world’s worst child is called Sandy she is 12 years old. She has an annoying high pitch voice and always had a smirk on her face even if she was getting told off…


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She/he (can't tell the gender) has mud in it's hair, clothes, ears, feet, EVERYWHERE! Even up her nose…

Muddy Mandy

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Most bad children are dirty and they never clean. But what if this child named hygienic Harry is always cleaning? Harry cannot go out unless he's: just had a bath, washed his clothes twice and is wearing four pairs of gloves (in case someone wants to shake hands)…

Hygienic Harry

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