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We set a competition to find the 11th World's Worst Child and here are your entries!

Here you'll find all sorts of gruesome girls and beastly boys from all over the world, up to all types of mischief. Can you find yours?

Keep your eyes peeled for when we announce the winner - we can't wait to see which of your disgusting descriptions will be illustrated by Tony Ross!

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Judy Judge is always judging everyone on everything she judges the way her fellow classmates dress,the cooks cooking, her brothers lisp, the local news agent Raj for is stuff being too pricing,she even judges her goldfish 'Judy is the best' (she came up with the name) for not being gold enough…

Judy Judge

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A round face with very pink cheeks from all the effort of barfing so often. Several pimples and oily ginger hair plastered down in a comb-over of the worst kind…

Barfing Barnaby

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