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We set a competition to find the 11th World's Worst Child and here are your entries!

Here you'll find all sorts of gruesome girls and beastly boys from all over the world, up to all types of mischief. Can you find yours?

Keep your eyes peeled for when we announce the winner - we can't wait to see which of your disgusting descriptions will be illustrated by Tony Ross!

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His name is Annoying Andrew. 9 years of age. He is rude and mean. He wears his pyjamas all day long. He plays on his DS all day…

Annoying Andrew

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Fighting Flinn. 5 years of Age. Got told of by the Principal a lot! Wears a ruined T-shirt, shorts that say Kill…

Fighting Flinn

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The 11th worlds worst child is called Farting Frank! He is 12 years old and he farts 100 times a day…

Farting Frank

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it's a girl called Mac and she love's beans so she alway's fart's so one day she went to the amusements and there was a competition to eat the most beans so she entered it…


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Her name is going to be Bragging Betty and she always going to be bragging about how cool,pretty,rich,lucky an posh she is even though shes poor,ugly,lame, and unlucky!

Bragging Betty

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He crunches really loudly! You can hear it from the other end of the room! He smells like bacon flavoured crisps and he is very fat! When he talks it's very deep…

Annoying Albert

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Bully Ben, 11th World's Worst Child, Actual Name: Ben Ryan. Bully Ben was the kind of bully you'd NEVER want to meet…

Bully Ben

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NAME : Nicola Knockdown DESCRIPTION: always untidy her collar buttons are always undone and her cardigan buttons are lopsided and her trousers fall down so her belly button is always showing…

Nicola Knockdown

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Name: Evil Glenabelle Age:11 Hobby: bothering people and making evil potions and pulling pranks and being a GREAT singer (NOT!) Favourite Food : Evil Cake Fudge Favourite Drink : Bloody Smoothie Drink Favourite Time of the YEAR! : HALLOWEEN SO SHE CAN SCARE PEOPLE! Birthday: Halloween Day Likes : Staying On The Sofa…

Evil Glenabelle

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Fiona Fungus was a disgusting child and by far one the worlds worst children, she would never cut her nails and never wash her hands so fungus grew under her nails,she never washed anywhere at all, she never cleaned her ears so fungus grew from there…

Fiona Fungus

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Its a girl she has blonde hair and green eyes she dribbles and she sits on the sofa all day and all night she move or buge she is glued to the sofa and she has nits that she will never get rid of her name LAZY-DRIBBLING-NITS-LAKIESHA


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the 11th child will look nice but she his really a witch nickname is showoff shauna who was in jail 6 times and she is only 11 years old and she is really like that girl from charle and the chocolate factory whos father gives her what she wants…

Show-off Shauna

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